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Training and Mentoring


No classes scheduled at this time

Contact Jeanne via the Web or by calling (650) 493-3948 if interested in training.

Following the NAPO philosophy of "Cooperation Above Competition," Jeanne occasionally offers group training workshops and private mentoring services to equip other professionals to offer the services of Estate Organization and Assisting Estate Administrators.


Jeanne K. Smith of Exit Stage Right presents a two-day workshop on Estate Organization and Assisting Estate Administrators featuring Exit Strategies: A Plan and A Place For Your Estate Information™, Jeanne's estate organization software program and workbook.

Jeanne has trained numerous professionals in the fields of Estate Organization and Assisting Estate Administrators. Click here to view this list (PDF) of trained professional organizers in your area.



In addition to the pre-planning aspect of Estate Organization and services of assisting estate administrators or conservators, you will be taught:

  • Vital pre-planning information included in the software package on estate organization
  • How to assist executors or successor trustees or conservators
  • Practical issues at a time of death
  • What NOT to do before contacting an attorney
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Recordkeeping
  • Probate timelines
  • Estate tax returns
  • Management of physical property and assets — from cleaning out homes to choosing the best method of disposition of the contents
  • We will also cover marketing ideas, business alliances, pricing, and how you can add this to your business and get the additional income!


We're on the cutting edge of this field! The demographics of our aging population indicate that there will be an ever increasing need for these services. Adding these services to your practice offers you a new economic security, as the demand for these services has proven to be recession-resistant.



All participants will be provided with “Exit Strategies: A Plan and A Place For Your Estate Information™”, in workbook format and as a downloadable computer program, an extensive training and resource manual prepared for this training, and a listing on the referral list of Exit Stage Right, LLC website. Follow up personal coaching is available separately.



"I found your class to be very informative, clear and concise, especially for someone who is just starting in this field. I was going in the wrong direction without the training you provided, and you covered every subject that I need to help others and get my own affairs in order. It was well worth the investment. I would definitely recommend your class to others. Thanks!"

Kathy L. Wright
SOS Specialty Organizing Services
Tracy, CA


“Your workshop gave me the confidence to pursue Estate Organizing as a vital part of my business. Your personal coaching and gentle guidance have helped me with various projects and I value you as a mentor.”

Robin K. Dorsh
Organized Environments, Inc.


“Without Jeanne's training, we would not be in the estate organizing business today. She is an expert in this field, with a sensitive and practical approach to assisting the families both before and after someone passes away."

Sandy and Jim Trout

Estate Organizers, Inc.



Many Professional Organizers have personal life experience when helping family members who are going through loss and grief. They want to explore adding these services to their businesses, but realize they need further knowledge and training before being equipped to do so. Jeanne offers a special mentoring program designed to meet this situation. Depending upon the experience level of the mentee, this often includes a private training program, to review the basics and then it focuses specifically on what they need to know - based upon her 21+ years in the trenches! Jeanne is then available to mentor the participant either in person or by phone.


"I want to thank you for providing Kim and I with the wealth of information we need to be successful in my business. It was a great pleasure to meet you and learn from the "Master"! Thank you for giving me the encouragement and motivation I so desperately needed to make my adventure a reality. Anyways, you are a blessing in my life."

Caroline Reader
Life's Changeups

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