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Paper And Time Management

As the pace of life increases and more demands are put upon our lives, we need new skills to cope and reduce the stress in our lives. Society at large has assumed that everyone has the innate ability to manage their time, organize their surroundings and set priorities.


QuoteHowever, these are learned skills!


The goal of a Professional Organizer is to teach new skills to enable our clients to independently and consistently apply these skills to their lives.


Jeanne teaches time and project management skills to busy executives, entrepreneurs, officers and managers and their staffs, sole proprietors or practitioners in a variety of professional settings. The emphasis is to give you tools and simplified systems that maximize your efficiency, productivity and the use of your unique abilities.


Jeanne assists her clients learn skills with:

  • Establishing priorities and identifying time thieves
  • Learning to set personal boundaries
  • Overcoming perfectionism that is interfering with success.
  • Learning that “Done is Beautiful©2000 Jeanne K. Smith
  • Identifying and simplifying procedural issues
  • Setting priorities – with time, paper and computer issues
  • Establishing control over the paper in your life
  • Setting up file finding systems – paper and computer based
  • Improving use of contact information systems
  • Obtaining administrative support


Jeanne offers accountability coaching to help you maintain the success you achieve!


QuoteAt the risk of over-generalizing, we have found that management of paper and the management of time go hand in hand. When a client’s papers are out of control, I am never surprised that their time management plan is also not working and vice versa.


The paper in our lives has multiplied exponentially as well as the demands on our time, and we have to learn new skills to handle these issues [See Triage Questions to control your clutter, paper and time].


  • Do you remember when the mail box only contained important PERSONAL mail for you and junk mail did not exist?
  • Or when “Mail” meant just paper? Now we also have e-mail to manage!
  • Do you remember when you could immediately speak to a live person at a business without pushing numbers for their new options?

    Now we experience the extreme frustration when:
    • I can’t remember the new option #
    • There is no option that fits my question or need
    • I wait and wait and wait to speak to a real person
    • And then I get disconnected before I get an answer!


Is it any wonder that we feel overwhelmed with it all?

Relax and remember: Organizing is a process – not a destination!



“I was a poster boy candidate for the undisciplined and unorganized. The principles and techniques that Jeanne has taught me have made a tremendous difference in my ability to get things done and to bring balance into my schedule (and my life). Jeanne has helped take things that were once totally foreign and make them my normal practices and routines.”

Gabe Guterrez, Youth Pastorpuzzle piece

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