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Clutter Control Triage Questions

Clutter, paper piles, filled closets, sheds, garages, filing cabinets, etc., all can be overwhelming. Where does one start?




Start anywhere – and apply the following triage questions to each item, paper, piece of clothing, etc. Get ruthless and be consistent! I give you permission to throw things away!


  • WHAT IS THIS? If you can’t identify it – why are you keeping it?
  • Do I really need or want this? Why?
  • When was the last time I used it?
  • Will I ever use it again? When? Where?
  • Where will I put it to remember I have it? If you can’t find it – you don’t have it!
  • Is it timely or relevant?
  • What is the WORST thing that could happen if I didn't keep it?
  • Can I give it away and will they want it?


No excuses such as:

  • "I might need it Someday!”
    There are no “Somedays” on any calendar ever made!
  • “I’m afraid to throw it out – it must belong to something!”
    If you have not identified that “something” by now, you probably no longer own that “something” it originally belonged to!


If necessary, create a small box entitled “UO's” for Unidentified Objects – and if at the end of your organizing project you still have items in this category – it’s time to let them go! puzzle piece

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