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Download Jeanne's One Sheet (pdf)A member of the National Speakers Association and active board member of NSA Northern California, Jeanne offers a variety of educational presentations, sharing her experiences and expertise sprinkled liberally with humor.


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“As a speaker at a recent estate planning seminar, Jeanne delivered a powerful message. Her story should serve as a wake-up call for each of us.”    ~Marie Wiseman, Comerica Bank


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“AND ONE MORE THING BEFORE I GO…Practical insights and solutions to help you and your clients get their affairs in order.”

Jeanne talks about the origin of the fields of estate organization and assisting estate administrators, by sharing her personal journey and focusing on the positive benefits and advantages of planning for the inevitable. Using stories from her years of experience, she identifies the reasons we procrastinate and offers practical solutions to preparation anxiety. She encourages her audience to review their own plans and begin a dialogue with their families. Jeanne’s audiences leave with a different perspective and a positive attitude.

“Auntie Em Rides Again”

As her alter ego Auntie Em, Jeanne presents an interactive program where her audiences experience first hand, the needs of elders and how to speak their language. Jeanne’s experience with working with seniors has given her a unique perspective. Her joy is teaching her audience what it is like to be an elder, with the physical and emotional issues they face. To that end, when Jeanne is introduced to speak, she does not arrive on time. Her Auntie Em character however appears, complete with a walker, grey wig and hat, glove, a “Mary Poppins” style purse and purple slippers – and proceeds to teach the audience about the reality of growing older, living on a fixed income, etc. She then has the audience participate in an exercise that they always remember when dealing with elders!


In Jeanne’s presentations on clutter control and time management, she discusses the various reasons we procrastinate and presents easy solutions and tips to set boundaries and new priorities. She discusses techniques to get a handle on your clutter and your time. Depending upon the audience, she frequently combines these topics for a comprehensive look at our habits and offers solutions to individual situations during the Q&A portion of the presentation.


MEETING PLANNERS: Book Jeanne for your next event!

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