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Moving & Relocation

The following is a partial list of typical services offered: 

  • Guiding the client through the process of "clutter control" and deciding which items to take to the new home. 
  • Space planning and furniture placement for the new residence 
  • Offering options regarding the disposition of items -- to most benefit the client 
  • Acting as liaison with recipients of items -- families, friends, charities, auction houses, estate sale professionals and orchestration of the process 
  • Providing the valuation of donations to non-profit agencies for tax purposes 
  • Arranging for phone, utilities, mail forwarding, etc.
  • Acting as liaison with the moving company and client and supervising the move 
  • Organizing at the new residence to re-create a comfortable home for the client.
  • "Other duties as assigned"


QuoteMoving is an extremely stressful process, ranking right up there with the loss of a spouse or a loved one. Many seniors are especially affected, as they consider moving from their larger homes after the loss of their mate or because of physical limitations. Grief alone affects our ability to function as efficiently as we did, prior to the loss.


When we add that to the aging process and overwhelm with the sheer volume of "stuff" in our homes, we often experience paralysis and the inability to make decisions. Many times people refuse to act, even if this is a move they want to make to improve the quality of their lives. (For information on types of senior living options, see Adult Living Facility Options).


Professional organizers who have experience with seniors can be of enormous assistance at times such as these. Some clients prefer to have the professional organizer orchestrate all aspects of the move, while others prefer to participate in a more interactive role. Communication and flexibility are essential elements in a successful move. Understanding that moving can be an emotionally charged event, everything possible is done to reduce stress, and make this an enjoyable experience.


Utilizing the NAPO concept of "Together, We Are Better," Jeanne will often use teams of professional organizers to facilitate a smooth transition, especially if time is a factor. However, she acts as team leader, supervises the entire process, and thus takes personal responsibility for the success of the project.



Exit Stage Right has helped several of our trust department clients move to Assisted Living Facilities. Our clients love working with Jeanne Smith. She is warm, caring and very professional as she assists older people during this stressful time in their lives.

Diana M. Saidin

Vice-President & Trust Officer

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