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We have trained many professional organizers in Estate Organization and Assisting Estate Administrators.


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IRA Update (May 31, 2014)

Any asset that has a named beneficiary (such as an IRA), is part of your estate, but is not subject to the probate process, wills or trusts. It is the named beneficiary on each one of the many retirement accounts that determines who inherits, what could add up to be the largest asset in your estate. Thus, it is imperative that your beneficiary designations are kept up to date on all of your retirement accounts.

Due to the demographics of an aging population, we are now beginning to see an increase in the number of retirement plans being inherited. The public is generally unaware of the unique and complex rules involved with this type of asset.

It is vital that your financial advisor and estate-planning attorney be made aware of these accounts, so that your estate plan is properly coordinated and that your heirs have proper counseling prior to inheriting these assets. Together they can help your heirs prevent costly mistakes when setting up inherited retirement accounts and understand the required distribution rules.

This information is used with permission by Harry Rubins, Financial Consultant, Foothill Securities, Inc. 320 10th Street, Suite 304, Santa Rosa, CA 707-542-9449 www.rubins401k.com

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