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Get Your Affairs In Order!

Would your family know what to do in times of crises such as a disaster, an incapacity or a death? Do they have any idea where you keep your important papers, your choices for burial or cremation, who your advisors are and what provisions you have made for them?


There is a direct correlation between how well a family is prepared for a crisis and how well they survive and recover.


An estate is like a jigsaw puzzle. When you put the puzzle pieces of information together, you create a strategic action plan for your family to follow, when faced with major life crises. By leaving these important bits of information scattered, you basically leave your family unprepared, resulting in unnecessary stress and pain.


Exit StrategiesExit Strategies: A Plan and A Place For Your Estate Information™ is a software program that provides you with a place to record your vital personal information and wishes. Purchase Exit Strategies today!


There are over 78 categories and 57 separate subcategories included under the major headings of Personal Information, Legal Issues, Household, Health, Insurance, Vehicles, Finances, Final Arrangements and Spiritual Issues.


You can adapt the data pages to fit your individual family needs, as you enter your information into the appropriate fields. Whether you are filling this out as a single person or for a family of 10, the program can be manipulated to provide space to record all the information needed.


Included is the Family Resource Guide, an extensive primer in life management, to introduce the user to the complexities of aging and to equip them to assist multiple generations with their estate organization issues. The categories listed above are the focus of this guide, with intensive explanations of Medicare/Social Security/ Adult Living Facilities, etc.


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