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Features of Exit Strategies

  • The Family Resource Guide is filled with basic information that every family should know. This is the knowledge base that the author imparts to her hands-on clients, so that they become aware of the varied issues involved with estate organization.
  • Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section to find easy ways to fill out the data forms, and travel through the program. We have built in ways to duplicate blank sections so that you can tailor your Exit Strategies to meet your personal situation. You can also duplicate sections after you have filled them in, if the basic information is needed in the copies. You then only have to change necessary fields. The FAQ section will be updated as necessary.
  • In the data forms area, there are audio and written instructions for almost every category, to give you additional information as your complete the section. Because some of us learn best by listening and others learn best by reading, we have provided both options.
  • This program is easy to update as situations change in your life. Simply open the program and make your changes and save them. Be certain to change the date at the beginning, so that you know it contains your current information.
  • Page breaks were inserted so that you can print the pages, and create a binder with dividers labeled with the 10 section headings. You can create a complete estate organization binder and put in copies of your legal and other important documents.
  • You can also burn this to a CD, zip drive, etc. and put it in your safe deposit box.


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Exit Stage Right celebrates 15 year anniversary!
CD or Workbook Available -- Buy Now!Exit Strategies: A Plan and A Place For Your Estate Information is a software program and workbook that provides you with a place to record your vital personal information and wishes. Purchase your CD or workbook today!