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Professional Organizer, Speaker and Author

Pioneer of Estate Organization

Jeanne K. Smith, Professional Organizer, Speaker and AuthorJeanne K. Smith combines her practice of organizational consulting and speaking, with the estate organization field she pioneered in 1992 when she started Exit Stage Right, LLC®.


On the estate organization side, she realized that having the legal and financial planning accomplished represents just two pieces of the estate planning puzzle. You will need much more information available to be adequately prepared for life-changing events, such as facing the realities of disasters, incapacity or death losses. To facilitate this, Jeanne created Exit Strategies: A Plan And A Place For Your Estate Information™. Available in either a computer software package or in a workbook format, this framework organizes the puzzle pieces into a complete picture, and becomes the family's personal resource guide at times of crises.


SloganJeanne was a pioneer in offering hands-on services to conservators, successor trustees, or executors with their paperwork and physical estate management duties. Her clients maintain their fiduciary roles and responsibilities.

She is a frequent presenter at professional association conventions, sharing her unique perspectives and solutions - to understand and assist clients overcome procrastination and preparation anxiety, in order for you to help get their affairs in order. These same skill sets enhance the organizational abilities of any professional, leading to increased effectiveness, reduced stress, and setting of personal boundaries - to find and maintain a balance between their work and personal lives.


Jeanne works with individuals to address time and paper management issues to increase effectiveness, reduce stress, set personal boundaries and find a balance between work and personal time. She offers accountability coaching to help maintain that balance.


In addition to numerous local newspaper articles, she has been featured in the Kiplinger's Retirement Report, The Wall Street Journal, The Practice, Health Magazine, AARP Magazine and others, and on television on Contact 4-KRON-Bay TV, and Quicken.com Money Reports.


Member, National Speakers AssocationJeanne is a Past President of the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association and the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers. She has served on the boards of the Peninsula Estate Planning Council and The Financial Planning Forum. She is currently on the Estate Planning Council for the El Camino Hospital Foundation.

Financial Planning Forum National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Golden Circle Member of NAPO




"I am a professional fiduciary and have had the pleasure of using the services of Jeanne Smith, Exit Stage Right, several times. She approaches each assignment with the perfect combination of humor, empathy, compassion, patience and professionalism. My clients love her and I would recommend her most highly."

Russ Marshall
National Master Guardian
California Licensed Professional Fiduciary


"Our family considers Jeanne K. Smith to be our Guardian Angel, who has come to our rescue in many times of need. She has offered her spiritual, emotional and practical assistance through family illness and loss, assisted in moves, and even organized the office and files. Jeanne is honest, compassionate and always there to encourage."

Pat Johnson
Pat's Medical Insurance Counseling


"After my dad died, I spent several months trying to take care of his estate. Although I had scheduled myself for weekly visits to the house, intending to spend the afternoon cleaning up, I often left after only 30 minutes, feeling overwhelmed. Often I was overtaken by the emotion of dealing with what seemed to be a very painful and insurmountable task. Finding Jeanne K. Smith allowed me to get through the heavy inertia that had been immobilizing me. I felt supported by her, and after each session the task of cleaning up the estate felt more and more manageable. I highly recommend Jeanne K. Smith's wonderful organizing services."

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